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Четверг, 02.07.2020
Главная » 2013 » Январь » 8 » [ROM] JAN-07-13 | ICySNAP v1.6 FINAL | ICS 4.0.4 | LGE 3.1 UI | на LG Optimus One P500
[ROM] JAN-07-13 | ICySNAP v1.6 FINAL | ICS 4.0.4 | LGE 3.1 UI | на LG Optimus One P500
Очень на мой взгляд симпатичная прошивка судя по скринам интерфейса и видео демонстрации:


Based off UNOFFICIAL CM9.1.x Builds by Hepphappy
LG 4x Style Revamped Lockscreen SingleWave
LG 3.1 User Interface Inspired Revamped (PATCHED ROM Fyi)
LG-white HOLO Themed pre-built User Interface
LG 3 Launcher from L5 (Widget and icons automatically moves and fits on screen, same as in JB )
LG 3 Weather Widget
L7 Full UI, Notification, Ringtones Enhancements
L7 Wallpapers, Fonts and Boot Animation
Fancy Framework LG UI cosmetics
Facny UI animations from Jelly Bean
Some Ported LG Apps From Optimus L7 (More soon)
BootSound support on ICS
System Optimizer Featuring ICy Tweaker
Improved LMK Mem and OOM grouping
Enabled linux SWAP for advance users, Expanded memory
Increase sd read/write and throughput
VM and Kernel management for Battery conservation and performance enhancement
Miscellaneous UI and system improvement
Pre Configured ROM, YES you'll get MY settings AS DEFAULТ

  • New BaseBand support Only

Оригинальная тема на XDA - (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1529777)
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